Tekniseri works as a partner for industrial manufacturers in production and development of industrial labelling and insulation products. We work as a one-stop-shop for our industrial customers and offer the whole portfolio of printed and insulation products, serving customers both in Europe and Asia. We work with major players in several industrial segments, however no industrial company is too small to be supported by our Tekniseri team.


“It was impressive to see how the production processes are coordinated and how everything performs at the two Kempele Sites. The products are well thought-of, the machinery is state-of-the-art and everyone here is a true professional with an iron will (”Sisu”) to continuously improve every little detail. With my long experience and background from process industry, it is a challenging opportunity for me to guide these improvements to learn new things everyday – just as lean philosophy is meant to be.”

Olli Tuovinen, Operations Director, Tekniseri in Kempele, Finland

“Since 2010, our Tekniseri team is Suzhou, China has been providing seamless support for our customers in Asia. We have production and product development teams which work together with our colleagues in Finland to provide support and service to our international customers, both in Europe and Asia.”

Brooks Xi, General Manager, Tekniseri in Suzhou, China 

We have served our international customers for decades and created strong customer partnerships. We are continuously looking for new solutions when it comes to printed metallic plates, printing on cumbersome 3D surfaces or creating durable and weather-proof anodized aluminium labelling with customer brand on their flagship products. The more complex the issue, the more motivated we are to challenge us and to find the solution that boosts the value for the customer product.”

Marko Mikkola, Development Manager, Tekniseri in Pori, Finland